Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekly Blurbs

West Alpine on Hold. It's not a gas pipeline story, but it's a bad sign when permits hold up work, especially when the permitting agency won't give an explanation.

TransCanada monthly report to FERC
...Yawn, seriously here's a preview of next months report "Engaged stakeholders, worked on the gas treatment plant cost estimate, attended a meeting...."

Denali's monthly report to FERC...Hmm ever so slightly more interesting, comments on polar bears.

Tweeking oil taxes - Maybe Parnell gets it? Maybe not. High oil taxes and no firm gas tax plan are killing projects. Let's hope he didn't O.D. on Palin's koolaid.

Ramras get's it.

One man's assessment of the Republican candidates for governor.

Goofy Blurb of the Week/Year/Decade : New pipeline supplies gas to BioFuel plant. Think about it. Let's grind up food crops, cook it with a petroleum product, fill up the land barge SUV with biofuel and good kharma then commute alone to a desk job.

Norman Wells needs gas. (MAP LINK) Preview of Fairbanks future without gas?

How about a GTL Plant? Love the technology, but who's lining up to fund and GTL plant? It takes MONEY, Lots and lots of MONEY. In Alaska maybe natural gas is the wrong feedstock - Syngas from insitu coal gasification sounds like a better Alaska GTL feedstock to me.

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