Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekend Update

The Canadians issued the "Report of the Joint Review Panel for the Mackenzie Gas Project" The report is supportive of the project. (LINK to press story). I take the view stated once by Dermot Cole - It's not a project until somebody starts ordering pipe (that goes for any Arctic Pipeline).

Shale OIL tidbit. It's not Shale GAS, but here's and interesting story on Exxon's research into production of shale oil in Colorado (LINK). They used a technique called “Electrofrac”. Basically they drill horizontal wells in the shale formation, fracture it, inject a conductive material then pour on the amps to resistively heat the formation until the hydrocarbons flow. What's the Alaska gas angle? Electrical power - lots of gas will be needed to produce the power needed to fry the foundations of Colorado and Utah. Note: the oil production objective is 162,000 bbls / acre. The overall resource is estimated in the Trillions of barrels of oil. Yeah they're gonna need some gas.

Speaking of Shale...Here's a story on shale gas in New York state (LINK). Apparently everyone does not have unconditional love for shale gas exploration and development. (LINK to Marcellus Shale info)

Finally - According to Halcro's website, something's cooking with DNR Commissioner Tom Irwin. With some luck maybe this player hater can move on.


Brett Chandler said...

Interesting, the UpStreamWeekly post on the EPA in NY state.

I don't think it's particularly self-serving to say that shale gas presents significant environmental issues that may limit realistic recovery.

When one considers the size of the watershed that NYC uses for drinking water, that may serve to invalidate much the state's shale gas potential.

I can't imagine PA is immune from these concerns, either.

Tax online said...

Good weekend updates, but this its too good, and nice updates of Gas pipeline projects.

AK Engineer said...

Thanks Tax -

Brett - Apparently the Marcellus Shale is not very deep. (

I'm not a geologist or hydrologist but the concern looks valid for at least a portion of the formation.