Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Turning Point?

Will Point Thomson become the turning point for State of Alaska & North Slope producers?

Perhaps - According to Govoner Sean Parnell:

"I think we are at a place where we need to resolve the Point Thomson litigation. I am working at that already. If I can resolve that litigation in Alaska's interest, I will do so." (LINK)
Rich Kruger, President of ExxonMobil Production Company had this to say:
ExxonMobil wants to see Point Thomson developed. We believe it underpins the success of the Alaska Pipeline Project. The owners’ commitment to achieving progress at Point Thomson is demonstrated by investments which have now topped $1 billion. (LINK).
I wouldn't call this a Kumbaya moment, but it's a step in the right direction. Maybe Parnell is starting to feel the heat from calls to oust ExxonMobil playa hater Tom Irwin (LINK to Halcro).

Parnell's to-do list should also include tackling the fiscal certainty. It's in Alaska's interest to explore for, produce and market oil and gas. Go for it Governor, get'er done!


Yusef Asabiyah said...

Big Oil holds all the cards and they know they can eventually force outcomes onto Alaskans which will be unfavorable to Alaska's longterm interests.

One of the best and most commonly used means for Big Oil to force outcomes is through crisis capitalism--that big iceberg Alaska is bearing down upon isn't an entirely natural obstacle. The people with the guts to stand up to Big Oil can and will be made to look like short-sighted,impudent, imprudent boobs--but to me they're heroes. Andrew Halcro, as much as I respect him and learn from his blog--is nothing but an industry shill, a coward who will knuckle under to Big Oil under the slightest threats from them. I hope he and his ilk never get into office.

AK Engineer said...

Like Clayton Bigsby says "If you got hate in your heart, you gotta let it out"

I've thought about what you said, and I'm thinking XOM is a buy at $66/share, NBR a buy at $23.50.

It's a matter of perspective - you can see yourself as a victim or as an owner.