Sunday, November 30, 2014

SOA Alaska LNG Project Current Highlights - Presentation

State of Alaska LNG Project Current Highlights - Presentation

Slowww progress - expect some real news by August 2015 (see page 5 Public Release of Agreements)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

DOE Approval, a New Governor, and BBQ

So little tangible progress is being made that I've cut way back on keeping up with this blog, but this week was semi news worthy.

First - DOE approved the Alaska LNG Project LLC 14-96 application to export up to 20 MTPA.  That's a hurdle, not the last hurdle or the biggest hurdle, but good news all the same. (DOE LINK)

Second - Bill Walker won a close race for Governor and unseated Sean Parnell.  For all I know he may be the guy that pushes the project over the next batch of hurdles, however sometimes he scares me and I fear he'll be a deal killer out of the Sarah Palin mold.  But Walker is brighter than Sarah Palin and I think he is truly dedicated to getting the project built.  He may increase the State equity position and that's OK as long as the percentage stays below 50%.  Above that the sparks may fly.

At this point I'm going to stay optimistic and wish Walker all the best luck.

A note of thanks to outgoing Governor Sean Parnell.  He inherited a mess from Sarah Palin, but he cleaned up that mess and got the project back on track, took care of the Point Thomson issues and forged some monumental deals.  Although progress has been slow I don't think Parnell was the problem - he was actually the leader pushing with all he had to get it done.

FYI - every time I type "Bill Walker"  it comes out "Bill Miller" as in Austin Texas BBQ, guess I've been away from Texas too long. so excuse me in advance if I mistype the new Governors name every once in a while - it happens.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Monthly Pre-Filing Status Report No. 01

The first project progress report to FERC is out (LINK).

Stakeholder engagement, studies, field work, pre-design all "tracking".

It looks and feels like 2005/2006 all over again.  So many hurdles yet to go.

Metrics of success I'm looking for:

1) Announcement of customer commitment to buy product
2) Announcement of customer equity participation in project
3) Ordering pipe.