Friday, May 31, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Canadian and L48 LNG Project Progress

Pacific Northwest LNG is making progress on their LNG export project planned for Prince Rupert B.C.  From their press release:

 Pacific NorthWest LNG Ltd. has awarded Front-End Engineering and Design (“FEED”) contracts for its proposed liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) facility in British Columbia to three international engineering contractors - Bechtel, KBR/JGC joint venture, and Technip/Samsung Engineering/China Huanqiu joint venture.
The project timeline currently aims for an investment decision in 2014 and project completion in 2018.

Also - Real progress on L48 LNG projects : LINK

Sabine Pass Liquefaction Project ( In Construction) 2.2 BCFD equivalent with room to expand, customers and financing locked in.

Feeeport LNG (clearing permitting hurdles)  2.0 BCFD equivalent, customers signed on, construction planned to start later this year.

Once again Alaska is getting left behind.  Every day and every time I hear about another project announcement I grow a little closer to the "never going to happen" point of view for the Alaskan LNG project.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Alaska/Japan LNG Opportunity Resources Energy, Inc. - A customer's view.

At long last an Alaska LNG customer's concept for a project.  (LINK)

At first read I noted something you rarely see in Alaska Gas Pipeline or Alaska LNG project proposals - as sense of urgency.

They also mention Royalty in Kind (RIK).  This is starting to sound like stakeholders like the State and Customers may bring resources to the project and start moving forward.

Global Warming Disproved!

Global Warming disproved!  Second latest ice out date in the history of the Nenana Ice Classic, so far. It could go the distance.