Saturday, January 9, 2010


Odds and ends, items related to natural gas markets, and ultimately related to building the Alaska Gas Pipeline.

ExxonMobil to build an arctic drilling ship. (LINK) I wonder where's going to drill and what they will do with gas if/when they find it. File this under - Somebody's thinking long term.

EPA issues draft permits for offshore Alaska drilling (LINK)(LINK). This work is planned for the Chukchi Sea. Again - where's the gas going when/if they hit it? (Shell Alaska Links)

Mackenzie Pipeline, path forward - more hearings (LINK). NEB hearings in April, decisions in Fall.

PetroChina stiffs Aussie Woodside LNG project (LINK)(LINK). The LNG market seems to be realigning - there will be winners and losers.

Speaking of LNG there was this story on Kitmat (LINK). The project website indicates construction will start this year.

Bottom line - Natural Gas is a competitive world market, Alaska's politicians need to get cracking on building a competitive tax system. It's a dog eat dog world and you shouldn't wear milk bone underpants. To quote the colonel in Full Metal Jacket "Why don't you jump on the team and come in for the big win?"

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