Friday, May 4, 2012

One Message: Alaskan LNG

At long last Alaskan leadership is on message with the same story: LNG.  Lower 48 shale gas killed the gas pipeline to Canada.  The pipeline is headed to a tidewater LNG plant.  We can still argue about the route, taxes, branch lines, straddle plants and natural gas liquids, but consider the main project objective settled.

On Wednesday Dept of Natural Resources Commissioner Dan Sullivan and Dept. of Revenue Commissioner Bryan Butcher approved TransCanada's Project Plan Amendment (PPA) which switches the gasline focus to commercialization of Alaskan gas a LNG for export (LINK to approval letter).

Meanwhile Senator Lisa Murkowski is in Japan talking Alaskan LNG (LINK).  DNR Commissioner Dan Sullivan also pitches Alaskan LNG in Asia (Slides).  Of course Governor Parnell is on message with his support of the LNG project (LINK). Finally the North Slope producers are aligned (LINK).

Looks like the end of the beginning.

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