Friday, May 18, 2012

Canada LNG

Shell / KOGAS / Mitsubishi / PetroChina have announced a 12 MTPA LNG plant on Canada's west coast (LINK).  That's about half the size of the possible Alaskan LNG project.  The LNG Canada plant will be located in Kitimat B.C. home of another LNG project Kitimat LNG (LINK).  At 5 MTPA the total of the two plants is less than the possible Alaskan LNG project.

I say "possible" Alaskan LNG project for two reasons 1) LNG isn't crude oil, the potential margins and profits are much less,  and 2) Competition is heating up and Alaska is way behind Australia, the U.S. Gulf Coast and now Canada.

Maybe economies of scale will tip the balance, but remember "You can't dabble at LNG"  Alaska continues to lack the key ingredient of buyer participation.  Until a Japanese, Korean, or Chinese LNG buyer signs up for a portion of Alaskan LNG project we're all just dabbling at LNG.

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