Friday, March 16, 2012

Team Alaska - Missing

Japan continues to lobby American officials on the topic of LNG exports (Platt's Link).  Quote:

Japanese officials will meet with a US delegation headed by Deputy Energy Secretary Daniel Poneman later Tuesday to ask that Washington allow exports of LNG to Japan, the world's biggest importer of liquefied natural gas, a Japanese delegate said. 
Platts assessed its Japan/Korea marker Monday at $15.45/MMBtu for April, while its Northwest and Southwest European markers were assessed at $10.95 and $11.35, respectively, for April. In contrast, the NYMEX April gas futures contract settled at $2.269 Monday.
Where's all the Alaskan leadership?  Senators Murkowski and Begich, Governor Parnell, Representative Don Young  - where are you when LNG customers come knocking?  You would think a project to sell Alaskan LNG priced at $12 -$15 would motivate these elected leaders to weigh in and lend a hand, a photo op, a trade mission, something.  Instead they are missing and silent.  The LNG for Japan opportunity may be the last chance for decades.

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