Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Breakthrough around the corner?

Maybe, possibly, who knows.  I don't tend to get too excited anymore, but this story made the DrudgeReport, has a link to a Financial Times story on the Alaska Gas Pipeline.  (See today's Drudge Report for a link that works (LINK)

Here's a quote:

According to people close to the negotiations, the three companies and state authorities hope to reach agreement next week over a long-running lease dispute at Point Thomson, a large oil and gas field on Alaska’s North Slope.

A settlement would clear the way for the companies to hasten their commercial assessment of a large gas pipeline to Alaska’s southern coast, from where LNG could be shipped to China and other Asian countries. Sean Parnell, Alaska’s governor and a champion of the project, told the Financial Times he was “cautiously optimistic” that the plan would be able to move forward.

Maybe it will play out like they say. A Point Thomson settlement would help in terms of immediate employment opportunities so fingers crossed.  Hastening the gas pipeline may be a stretch.  "Hastening commercial assessment" doesn't sound like a project anytime soon.

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JDE said...

Interesting. Five years ago I considered LNG a no go issue with the Russians poised to grab most of the Asian markets with Sakhalin gas. Numerous difficulties and Putin's ham handedness have apparently crippled that scenario for quite awhile into the future.

If there's going to be any hope of accomplishing anything the movement needs to commence soon.