Sunday, October 9, 2011

LNG Ice Breakers?

The options for Alaska's gas seem to be getting odder each day.  Now we have a suggestion of LNG ice breakers. (LINK to Dermot Cole article).  According to Pedro Van Meurs:

If there is a dramatic way to improve the economics of North Slope gas, it may be to export it without a pipeline, he writes. Use icebreakers to get to the North Slope and ship LNG by tanker to a place like Dutch Harbor, where it would be transferred to regular tankers.  A project along those terms could start in 2018 and make the gas economical enough to compete with the Yamal project in Russia.  Van Meurs also notes, however, that he is not an expert on icebreakers or North Slope ice conditions, but  he thinks that with the thinning of the summer ice, there will some a time (sic) when this could work
Apparently this is not totally outlandish.  Some firms are already working on Ice Class LNG ships. (LINK) I'll file this under things I won't see before I retire.

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