Saturday, October 1, 2011

Governor Parnell on Huckabee, and more.

Governor Parnell on Huckabee talking about taxes and drilling in Alaska, no mention of the gas pipeline:

Governor Parnell on Huckabee from Office of Governor Sean Parnell on Vimeo.

Also noticed this LNG video this week.

LNG: The Facts from Center for Liquefied Natural Gas on Vimeo.

LOL moment at the 3:58 min mark when the spokesman takes a gulp from a beaker of water cooled by LNG evaporation. Nice video, but imagine OUTBOUND LNG instead of inbound LNG.

In other news: Australia will become the Qatar of LNG. (LINK)  By 2020 Australian LNG exports could top 100 mtpa compared to 77 mtpa from Qatar.  For comparison, the volume of gas available from Alaska equals 35 mtpa in LNG.  A full scale Alaskan LNG export project seems unlikely, but Alaskan gas could supply North American markets if and when shale gas derived LNG is exported from the Gulf Coast.

This week Chevron moved forward with a $28B investment in the Western Australian Wheatstone 8.9 mtpa LNG project (LINK).

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