Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fiscal Certainty - No Perfect Deal

As the much awaited year of open season approaches we're starting to hear more along the lines of "no perfect deal", "fiscal certainty" and "reality check". The latest installment come from former state economist Roger Marks: (LINK to KTUU):

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A former state economist had strong words Friday on the future of Alaska natural gas. Roger Marks says it's time for a reality check to secure a natural gas pipeline and Alaska's future energy needs.

Marks says other alternatives, such as shale gas possibilities in the Lower 48, might be a more realistic approach from an investor's perspective compared to the projected $30 billion cost of an Alaska natural gas pipeline.

He says in order to encourage a gas line, state lawmakers should be prepared to make some concessions -- like considering a constitutional amendment to lock in tax rates for pipeline investors ahead of time.

"I think there seems to be an attitude of a lot of people that we're entitled to the perfect deal, and we should accept no less than the perfect deal," Marks said. "And, I think, as often happens a lot in life, if you wait around thinking you're going to get the perfect deal, you wind up with no deal."
Link to Commonwealth North study on Alaska gas (June 2008)

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