Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weekly Links

No earth shattering news this week, but here's a few links and items worth keeping an eye on:

LNG demonstration video (LINK) Spoiler Alert: It's cold, it burns, and the dude has a Bic lighter.

LNG Presentations - Who's got it, who wants it and what they pay for it. (LINK)

An Alaska Gas Pipeline article from 1979 (LINK) The most delayed project in history?

Mackenzie Gas Project Report due 31 Dec 09 (LINK).

TransCanada Alaska Pipeline Project's Pre-Filing Monthly Activity Report November 2009. PF09-11-000. (FERC WEBSITE LINK) Yawn....

Denali November09 Status Report (FERC WEBSITE LINK) Notable quote "lack of progress on the State of Alaska’s fiscal regime for natural gas production"

A road to somewhere (with oil) (LINK)

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