Sunday, November 29, 2009

GIS Prototype

Back in September the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Project Office of the Federal Coordinator published an article titled: OFC Plans Development Of An Integrated GIS Prototype For Viewing And Studying Proposed Gas Pipeline Route.

This morning I was poking around on the interweb and located the prototype - (LINK) Check it out. Looks interesting - I'd like a private version with grayling and burbot hotspots!

04 DEC 09 UPDATE - Last week this link worked. After a week of reviewing the site they slapped some security on the website - too bad, it was nice to be able to look at a tiny sliver of tangible work product coming out of the OFC. So much for transparency in government!


Anonymous said...

Is there a guest username and password for the link you provided?

AK Engineer said...

No - Interesting, last week it did not have a username / password screen.