Monday, August 18, 2008

"A Terrible Blunder"

That's what former Governor Wally Hickel says about passage of the Alaska Gas Inducement Act.

"Gov. Sarah Palin and the Alaska Legislature have decided to allocate to the TransCanada Corporation up to $500 million and the power to negotiate a deal with the North Slope producers to build an Alaska gas pipeline through Canada."

Wally suggest that Alaska build a line to the coast and ship LNG to the world - Not a bad idea, but nobody is biting.

Wally also points out "The oil producers want to use our gas to heat up the Alberta tar sands to produce crude oil, an environmental disaster in the making."

See the Alaska Gas - Tar Sand story here.

The point is that the Canada Only pipeline ties down Alaska gas for decades to come - It's easy economics, if Alaska had multiple markets it could get the best price.

Wally gets it. Too bad he's not in office now.

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