Saturday, August 9, 2008

Conoco and TransCanada Want Exxon To Join Gas Pipeline Effort

From CNN Money:

Conoco favors "taking ExxonMobil into the Denali project," said Brian Wenzel, Conoco's vice president of Alaska Gas Development. He added that the company would consider partnering with any other company that "provides value" to the project.

TransCanada has said Exxon's participation could be vital to its project.

ExxonMobil hasn't committed to either pipeline, although it has said it wants to participate in a project that would ship gas from the Point Thomson natural gas field on Alaska's North Slope, to the lower 48 states. The company said Thursday it wants to work with BP, Conoco, TransCanada and the Alaskan government to build a natural gas pipeline.

Exxon says they are ready "(Dow Jones)- Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) said Thursday it's ready to work with the Alaskan government and three companies competing to build a natural gas pipeline in the state, even as a dispute over leases revoked in 2006 looms in the background.

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