Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Will the Feds Bring Clarity to Alaska Gas Debate?

A year ago the Alaska Gas Inducement Act (AGIA) law passed with a wide margin of support.

Today critics of the AGIA are coming out of the woodwork. Halfway through the public comment period the process seems unlikely to produce a project as envisioned by the AGIA.

As this opportunity seems to slip from Alaskan Lawmakers hand what are the chances the the Feds may step in? And how?

Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham thinks the path is clear to build a pipeline but worries that the project cost will escalate.

Drue Pearce, The federal coordinator for the Alaska gas pipeline says the federal government could assume control of the project if Gov. Sarah Palin's AGIA process fails.

TransCanada is also lobbying the federal government. They are reacting to critics who label theTransCanada proposal "conditional", they call it "
conceptual ideas".

At any rate the dialog and process is starting shift from Alaska back East to Washington.

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