Friday, February 1, 2008

TransCanada Defends Proposal

TransCanada continues to provide explanations and clarifications as the Alaska Gas Inducement Act (AGIA) public comment period nears the halfway point.

This week TransCanada provided an official explanation concerning concerns of potential liabilities from a defunct partnership know as
the Alaska Northwest Natural Gas Transportation Co., or ANNGTC.

The lengthy (121 page) response includes a copy of the ANNGTC partnership agreement. TransCanada contends that partners withdrew from the partnership and have no rights regarding the current TransCanada AGIA claim.

The ANNGTC partnership included MidAmerican Energy. MidAmerican decided against entering the AGIA process and a bitter MidAmerican CEO David Sokol wrote a strongly worded letter to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin explaining the decision.

For the sake of getting the gas pipeline built, let's hope the former partners don't rise from the grave to muddy the waters.

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