Friday, May 9, 2014

SB - 138 Signed

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell has signed SB-138, the legislation that may enable the Alaska gas pipeline and LNG plant.

Link to Press Release


Anonymous said...

Very encouraging and just in time for the State. As a landlord I've noticed the economic miasma of the rest of the nation starting to take hold here (my tenants are middle to lower middle class and they're starting to hurt).
I assume the period till 2018 is a fudge factor for expected enviro fruitloop challenges?

AK Engineer said...

Yeah, just in time, last chance for a generation. I want to see customers lined up and contracts signed. The route through a national park has me worried considering the anti-business posture of the current gang in D.C. Heaven forbid we add jobs to the economy with a big project.

Anonymous said...

Of course they want to add jobs for our children and grandchildren. Jobs working for one of carnival cruises subsidiaries at min wage and they better be thankful or they'll be replaced by teenage girls from Macedonia/Bulgaria/etc.. Oh sorry if I displayed bile but I've dealt with a rep of their's in the past.
Hmm AK Engineer....where do I remember you from?