Saturday, December 15, 2012

LNG Customer Meets with Governor Parnell

We need more stories like these - KOGAS CEO meets with Governor Sean Parnell (LINK).

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell and Mr. Kangsoo Choo, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Korea Gas Corp (KOGAS)

From CEO  Mr. Kangsoo Choo KOGAS website :
Expansion of participation in overseas network projects
We are assertively expanding participation in overseas network project in joint-venture with private sector. On the foundation of design/construction/operational technology and specialized manpower for production and supply facility, which are the core capacities of KOGAS, we will nurture KOGAS to become reputable gas major in the world by not only expanding construction and operation of overseas LNG terminal, LNG liquefaction plant and pipeline network but also by playing the role of bridgehead for advancement of domestic enterprises into overseas market..
Sounds like an equity partner for the LNG plant?

KOGAS is also a take-or-pay buyer of the Cheniere Energy Sabine Pass LNG project.  So far the Cheniere business plan for the Sabine Pass LNG plant seems to be working, i.e. long term take or pay contracts to pre-sale the LNG product.

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