Friday, December 9, 2011

ConocoPhillips - LNG Makes Sense for Stranded Gas

ConocoPhillips is busy around the world with new LNG projects.  According to this article (LINK) Australia is first in ConocoPhillips mind but they are looking at potential projects in the US and Canada.  Quotes:

ConocoPhillips is studying North America's potential to export natural gas, but it isn't high on its priority list and any rush to build terminals on the U.S. coast could face opposition from Washington, Al Hirshberg, the company's Senior Vice President, Planning and Strategy, said Thursday.
"I just don't see it," Hirshberg said. "Five years from now Queensland will be a major spot on the map, as well as Western Australia in terms of LNG export, and the U.S. Gulf coast won't be, that's my prediction." 
"Canada's a little different," he told Dow Jones Newswires in an interview. "The gas in Canada is stranded, it really doesn't have access to a market so spending the money to liquefy it and get it ready for export is going to make long-term sense."
Similar logic may apply to stranded Alaskan Gas.  Probably not, but exportation of other gas plays helps build price stability which in turn helps the prospects of the Alaska Gas Pipeline.

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