Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trends and News

Shale gas development has threatened the Alaska Gas Pipeline, but there are trends that will build demand for North American gas:

Japan drops nuclear expansion plans (LINK) - this can only boost LNG demand.

Japan's reliance on LNG grows (LINK)

Southern Union, BG apply for LNG export license (LINK). The lower 48 is awash with $4/mmbtu shale gas - it's only a matter of time before this cheap gas is sponged up by LNG exporters. More on "wet shale" and LNG (LINK).

The natural gas glut is disappearing (LINK).

Fed AK-Gas Coordinator Larry Persily still thinks the Alaska gas pipeline is a go: (LINK) A quote from the News Miner article:

Dozens of federal agency personnel in Washington, D.C., and Alaska are working hard, reviewing the project’s first resource reports that came in last month, preparing for permit applications and talking with project sponsors to ensure everyone knows what’s needed. Canadian officials are doing the same, from Ottawa to Whitehorse. Only the private sector, however, can decide if the pipeline is a good business decision. The best course of action is a single project sponsor team, working with the state and federal governments to pull together the deal.
More on LNG markets and the push to export LNG from the lower 48 (LINK).

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