Sunday, December 5, 2010

Three Mega Projects

In addition to the Alaska Gas Pipeline two other projects have caught my eye recently; the Susitna Dam and the Donlin Creek Mine.

The dam is important in that it can displace power generated by gas or coal, the mine is interesting in that it may become a large user of gas. Of course none may be built in the next decade. What do you think? See the poll on the right>>>

I have some questions, if you have the answer please post a comment (1) How far upstream of the dam with the reservoir reach, i.e. is there a summary of impacted creeks - I've know some great fishing spots in that drainage and I'd like to know what creeks are impacted.

(2) How much gas could the mine demand - I'd like to understand the demand in terms of take off from the bullet line or Cook Inlet production. Thanks in advance.

Photo: Me fishing in the Susitna drainage, undisclosed location, arctic grayling in hand and some bug life. Photographer: my buddy Bill.

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