Friday, December 10, 2010

Running Late

The AP and the News-Miner reports that TransCanada's gas line negotiations are running late:

TransCanada Corp. says it may not meet its target of securing binding agreements by year's end for a major natural gas pipeline in Alaska, but the company remains optimistic about the prospects for its project.

TransCanada spokesman James Millar told The Associated Press on Tuesday that officials are pleased with negotiations with gas producers so far, but the process is complicated and takes time. In spite of an official's earlier stated target of having precedent agreements by year's end, he said TransCanada's concern is less on an arbitrary clock and more on ensuring that negotiations are undertaken prudently.

He said it's too early to say whether there will be a need for another open season, during which gas producers are courted and shipping commitments are sought.This does not sound promising.
It's like watching paint dry.


corey said...

If you ask me this will never come to pass

AK Engineer said...

Never is a relative term - I'm looking to retire in the not so distant future, I'm thinking the pipeline will get the green light the day after I retire.