Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yukon Pacific LNG - Anderson Bay

Who would want to build an LNG plant near Valdez I wondered when the TransCanada/ExxonMobil open season documents came out describing an optional line to Valdez. I figured ConocoPhillips / Tokyo Electric - Tokyo Gas would surface as likely LNG plant builders, or maybe the Chinese or Koreans. Scratch that prediction - turns out Yukon Pacific (owned by CSX) has filed with FERC for an extension . (LINK to Petroleum News)

Yukon Pacific argues that the current open season efforts justify an extension. Quoting from the FERC filing:

There is now an additional reason for extending Yukon Pacific’s deadline. Since the Commission’s 2007 extension, industry efforts to commercialize North Slope gas have increased dramatically. The most visible and meaningful of these are the “pre-filing” steps taken by the two leading projects for delivering North Slope gas to Alaska and Lower-48 markets. The implementation of either project would greatly facilitate LNG exports by, among other things, creating pipeline infrastructure that can be leveraged. Given these developments, it is important that the LNG option represented by Yukon Pacific’s proposal remains viable as the “open-season” and other market-related activities for these projects play out. The ongoing effectiveness of the place of export approval granted in this docket is critical to that viability.
Of course every Alaska Gas silver lining has an associated cloud called Tom "Playa Hater" Irwin. A couple of years back he denied a Yukon right of way request. (LINK)

Maybe the stars can align for the LNG option -

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