Thursday, April 1, 2010

FERC Gives Go-Ahead for Open Season

I'm still reading and digesting this FERC Order (LINK).

Essentially FERC is satisfied with the TranCanada / Exxon open season plan.

It documents the fact that all parties are not in total agreement, but the process is moving forward.

The Bottom Line:

X Conclusion95. Conditioned on the modifications required herein pertaining to the opening of the data rooms and the revisions to the Compliance plan and standards of conduct, herein, the Commission finds that TC Alaska’s detailed plan for conductingan open season for the purpose of making binding commitments for the acquisition of initial capacity on the Alaska Pipeline Project is in conformance with theOpen Season regulations and it is therefore approved. We encourage TC Alaska and potential shippers to work together to resolve any issues arising during the implementation of the open season plan, during the open season, or the during negotiations after the close of the open season.

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