Saturday, March 27, 2010

Catch up News Links

Here's some dibs and dabs of Alaska gas pipeline related links:

Cook Inlet needs $2.8B Transition into an IMPORTER of LNG - OUCH

The Concerned misses AGIA (HA!)

And this from Dermot Cole (LINK)

Big honking LNG deal somewhere other than Alaska (LINK) China spends $60B on LNG - Beats buying worthless US Bonds.

Rena Delbridge's take on Alaska losing the LNG game (LINK)

Every time I see an In-State gasline story I hear the faint sound of a bong bubbling (LINK). If an in state line solves in state gas needs that's nice - but the big money is in winning the game as a global competitor. To quote Kenny Powers "I do SPORTS. Not try to be the best at exercising"

Alaska: Confronting the Prospect of 6 Billion Barrels of Stranded Gas by Steve LeVine. Denali make the case against LNG.

Geopolitics of oil. You guessed it - China

Exxon-XTO, One step closer to tying the knot. There's gas in them there shales.

Delays for the Mac-D pipeline.

BP goes for the North Slope Heavy oil (The best use for stranded gas?)

Some hope for a gas powered future - Nuke Plant Delayed.

Alaskan Advocate - Bookmark this guy.

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