Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exxon & TransCanada

Developing: Exxon Mobil enters talks to help build Alaska gas pipeline. From the Houston Chronicle:

Exxon Mobil is in discussions with TransCanada to help it build a massive pipeline to move natural gas from the North Slope of Alaska to U.S. markets, according to a source familiar with the deal. The move could undermine a competing effort by ConocoPhillips and BP.

Irving-based Exxon would not be just a passive customer of the pipeline, which could cost as much as $30 billion and run 1,700 miles, but would likely be involved in the design and construction, according to the source. Exxon has deep expertise with large construction projects, including in harsh climates like Alaska.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, this is going to make Palin look great. We'll never get rid of her now. If this all comes together with Exxon, she'll be President before we know it.