Friday, June 12, 2009

Exxon & TransCanada - It's official(?) - Update

Details are few, but the overall picture is shaping up - all three producers with gas, TransCanada, and $500 million of Alaska State AGIA money are all on board one of two gas pipeline projects. Even the Federal Government is on track to increase the total value of loan guarantees.

Next stop - Open Season 2010? Project consolidation?

TransCanada press release: (LINK)

According to the website of Office of the Federal Coordinator

Federal Coordinator Drue Pearce is delighted by today’s news that ExxonMobil has agreed to join TransCanada in its effort to construct a pipeline to commercialize Alaska North Slope gas.
I'll hold off on being delighted until I read a press release from ExxonMobil. Details - Let's hear some details (ExxonMobile News Release Link)

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Read It For Yourselves has left a new comment on the post "Sarah Palin - Moment of Gas Line Clarity?":

The Woman is a Fraud.

She's a Hollow,Floating Bubble...Period.

She Prvented Big Oil, who Owned the Gas Leases from Participating in the [Bidding Process] she went to a Canadian Company whose Speciality is making [Pipelines] but..

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She went back to Big Oil [Exxon] Realizing her [Dumb Move] or Someone in her Administration, with Real Education and Common Sense made her Aware of her [Stupidity]...

It will take 10-15 Years to Buld this Gas Line and Palin acts as if the gas Line will Happen [Now] or in a Couple of [Years]