Sunday, December 7, 2008

Point Thomson Math - Palin Style

The Fairbanks News-Miner has this story (LINK) on relationship between the drilling halt at Point Thomson and putting gas in the Alaska Gas Pipeline. The story tells the weird math of the Alaska Palinista Army, i.e. you don't need gas for a gas pipeline.

State officials like to call Exxon "liars" like this quote from Marty Rutherford, deputy commissioner of the state Department of Natural Resources:

“Exxon is very nervous about losing that unit and those leases,” Rutherford said. “They are putting a lot of pressure on the state. But at the end of the day, we’ve gotten commitments from them previously that they haven’t honored."
Exxon is also providing (or attempting to provide) employment to lots of contractors and companies in Alaska. The actions of "Drill Baby Drill" Palin have sent hard working taxpayers to the house. Maybe she should be getting nervous about her political future.

The smug, self assured presidential wanna be Governor is standing between the development of natural gas and the pipeline itself. In the end Palin may indulge her narcissistic need to teach Exxon a lesson but she should remember that her actions are costing people their jobs. Those those people vote.

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