Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mackenzie Pipeline - Closing the Gap?

Looks like the Canadians are pushing forward with the Mackenzie pipeline. (from

"I'm actually very optimistic because a lot of the work that needed to be done has now been done," Environment Minister Jim Prentice told Reuters in an interview.

The pipeline's backers, led by Imperial Oil, have also been in talks with Ottawa over their request for financial breaks that would make the huge project economically viable.

"Pending receiving the environmental Joint Review Panel work, the fiscal framework continues to be an outstanding issue," said Prentice. He said he felt the Mackenzie project was now most likely five to six years' ahead of the proposed Alaska pipeline, compared with a gap of two years in 2005.

The Mackenzie pipeline would ship up to 1.9 billion cubic feet of gas a day 1200 kilometres along the Mackenzie River Valley in the Northwest Territories to Alberta, where it would link up with existing lines serving Canadian and US markets.
Now is the time to build - the first pipeline built will get better pricing on commodities and labor.

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