Saturday, October 25, 2008

Palin’s Pipeline Claims Prompt Media Investigation of Alaska Gas Pipeline

And the results aren't pretty.

Most of the facts are old news to Alaska Gas Pipeline project news followers, but Justin Pritchard and Garance Burke of the Associated Press have put Palin's boasting in context (LINK).

In interviews and a review of records, the AP found:

_Instead of creating a process that would attract many potential builders, Palin slanted the terms away from an important group — the global energy giants that own the rights to the gas.

_Despite promises and legal guidance not to talk directly with potential bidders, Palin had meetings or phone calls with nearly every major candidate, including TransCanada.

_The leader of Palin's pipeline team had been a partner at a lobbying firm where she worked on behalf of a TransCanada subsidiary. Also, that woman's former business partner at the lobbying firm was TransCanada's lead private lobbyist on the pipeline deal, interacting with legislators in the weeks before the vote to grant TransCanada the contract. Plus, a former TransCanada executive served as an outside consultant to Palin's pipeline team.

_Under a different set of rules four years earlier, TransCanada had offered to build the pipeline without a state subsidy; under Palin, the company could receive a maximum $500 million.


Steven Amundson said...

The next logical progression of this story for the main-stream media to discover that TransCanada's application was a non-conforming bid.

That's right, AGIA produced zero (0) confomring bids.

But what company submitted a non-conforming bid and the administration passed through anyway?


Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of all the problems that Palin has created in her very short term as governor. The amazing part to me is how many people around the state she got to buy into her ideas. The legislature should have not gone along with her plans, they should have had a consious and voted NO.

Plumber Camarillo said...

Palin is great. I don't understand why people blame all of the countries problems strictly on who is in power politically. Not fair.