Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alaska Gas Pipeline - News Roundup

Here's a round up of stories that may affect the Alaska Gas Pipeline:

Dermot Cole of the NewsMiner reflects on the impact of low oil prices on teh Alaskan economy:

As oil prices continue to tank, state officials should focus on budget challenge
By Dermot Cole

What is seen Outside as the “silver lining” from the stock market collapse is bad news for the Alaska economy, which lives on oil money, much of it filtered through state and local governments.

To some extent, the silver lining applies here, at least in terms of lowering the price of gasoline and heating fuel, though the downward movement has been slower than a quart of 30-weight motor oil poured at 40 below.
Fortunately, Alaska Governor and resident oil industry expert understands the oil business, or does she?
Palin wrongly suggests Congress bans oil exports

"No. It's not 75 percent of our oil being exported," Palin said, suggesting some of Alaska's oil, in fact, may be going abroad but not that much.
"In fact," she added, "Congress is pretty strict on, um, export bans of oil and gas especially."

No Alaska oil has been exported since 2004, and little if any since 2000, according to the Energy Information Administration and the Congressional Research Service.
The trial of Ted Steven's edged forward this week. A conviction could rob Alaska of it's best leader in Washington and pave the way for a former V.P. candidate to appoint herself Senator.
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