Saturday, May 10, 2008

Enstar Advances Bullet Line Plans

Enstar announced plans for the Bullet Line to South Central Alaska.

For comparison purposes, the large bullet on the left represents the ConocoPhillips / BP Denali Alaska Gas Line, with the Enstar Bullet line shown on the right.

The TransCanada - AGIA pipeline is not pictured.


Anonymous said...

Granted that we have a natural gas crisis. What in the Hell is this "Bullet Line" that the Fairbanks hotel owner keeps raving about??

The idea certainly has merit but Jay "What's his name" is sounding like a looney.

Enlighten me please.

Leon Kania

And your website sucks! I doubt that I will get this epistle through all your passwords and other bullshit

mineguy said...

It would likely be cheaper to import LNG to Anchorage than to bring North Slope gas via a 'bullet line.'

A better solution is to foster more exploration drilling in the Cook Inlet Basin and other gas basins closer to Anchorage.