Friday, March 14, 2008

FERC and DOE Report on the Future of the Alaska Oil & Gas Production

On February 19th FERC made this report to Congress Titled "Fifth Report to Congress on Progress Made in Licensing and Constructing the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline" Here's a link to FERC's Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects webpage.

The Department of Energy (DOE) also issued a report titled "Alaska North Slope Oil and Gas A Promising Future or an Area in Decline"

The DOE report assumes a natural gas pipeline will be in operation by 2016.

The FERC report indicates that teh federal agencies are standing by to facilitate and expedite the pipeline regulatory process. FERC's conclusions are not limited to Governor Palin's AGIA process.

The FERC report concludes "Clearly, a proposed project which is backed by firm shipper commitments to transport natural gas supplies will have a greater chance of ultimate success."

This is a clear indication that pipeline builder must have a committed producer as a partner to make the Alaska Gas Pipeline a reality.

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