Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Next Big Project : C U N B C ?

I guess I have a pretty bad skill set when it comes to picking the next big project.  Back in 2005 I thought the AK pipeline was the next big one...then Sarah and Shale gas and global economic problems set in.  At this point I'm about 100% certain that I won't see work on the big job unless they pull ancient codgers out  retirement to read drawings for the new breed of people that call themselves engineers.

If I was a betting man I'd say that Gov. Walker is the new Sarah. Things are off track and you just don't get the idea that the required level of alignment has occurred or ever will occur.  Now low oil prices are casting a long shadow over the finances of all the participants including the State of Alaska.

The next big one: The $36 billion Pacific Northwest LNG project located in British Columbia.  Work will include everything from drilling wells, to building a pipeline and building the LNG plant.  The project has played hard ball with all concerned and it appears they have driven a hard bargain with British Columbia. 

See you there maybe? (C U N B C ?)


LNG project construction in Prince Rupert could begin later this year: Minister

25-year tax shelter ; BC-Pacific NorthWest deal promises compensation for tax hikes, regulatory changes

LNG protected from tax hikes for 25 years in deal with B.C. government 

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Anonymous said...

I sadly agree with you. Walker has been all noise and no action. Pournelle was better. Even Pallin was better. Walker has not impressed me to any degree. I had hoped he was simply trying to attach his own "stamp" to the LNG project but it simply looks like he's making noises of support for distraction purposes while he quietly lets the project die (by the way what has happened to the Susitna dam project? has it also died?). I would love to be proven wrong but I don't think I will be. Hell, looking back and despite what many would criticize about him Gov Murkowski at least occasionally tried to work in the best interest of the state residents instead of the old boy clique that seems to run this state.