Saturday, July 5, 2014

Canadian LNG Projects

Need a summary of the long list of Canadian LNG Projects?  Me too.  Find it here (LINK)

Projects sized to compete with Alaska LNG (10 MMTPA or greater):

LNG Canada (LINK)  24 MMTPA

Kitimat LNG (LINK)  10MMTPA

Kitsault Energy (LINK)  20 MMTPA

British Gas Group (BG Group) (LINK) 21 MMTPA

Pacific NorthWest LNG (LINK)  18 MMTPA

Aurora LNG (LINK)  24 MMTPA

Canada Stewart Energy Group Ltd (LINK) 30 MMTPA

Interesting mix of projects - about 7 times the volume of the proposed Alaska LNG Project.

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