Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kitimat Study Released

The next phase in development of the Alaska Gas Pipeline as defined by Governor Sean Parnell will be:

Third Quarter 2012: Two State-funded groups working on parallel projects must complete discussions to examine consolidation prospects. The groups are the North Slope producers and TC-Alaska (MOU parties) and the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC).
While waiting for this milestone you might want to read some good papers from the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) Website.

The latest paper titled "Pacific Access:  Part III - Economic Impacts of Exporting Horn River Natural Gas to Asia as LNG" is written from the perspective of Canadians analyzing the proposed Kitimat LNG project.  A lot of the data applies to decisions facing Alaskans.  The paper is well referenced and you can glean a lot of data.  For example: Total LNG Exports equal about 240 mmtpa.  The proposed Alaska LNG project would  added about 20 mmpta to that total, approximately 8% of the total market.  Capital cost of LNG plants are also addressed.  There's a fair amount of quantified data on shale gas production cost too.  File that under good-to-know but remember all shales are not equal and Alaskan shales are not yet proven producers (Although I'm wishing Great Bear the best of luck).

Another good reference is the KBR report titled "LNG LIQUEFACTION —NOT ALL PLANTS ARE CREATED EQUAL"

I hope these provide you something to read and study as we patiently await the September kumbaya milestone. My definition of September success is projects merged into one common plan.

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