Friday, September 16, 2011

Sasol GTL

Sasol has plans to pursue a Gas to Liquids (GTL) project on the Gulf Coast. (LINK).  Chesapeake has been saying GTL will sponge up the shale gas glut (LINK- see page 10).  Looks like they may be right.

Quote from the DownStream Today article:

Sasol Ltd. (SOL.JO, SSL), a chemical company long known for squeezing motor fuel out of coal, is now turning its sights on the glut of natural gas in the U.S.South Africa-based Sasol on Tuesday announced plans to build a plant, at a cost of as much as $10 billion, that would convert natural gas into diesel.

Sasol's board last week approved an 18-month feasibility study for the project, which would be constructed on land adjacent to Sasol's existing chemical facility in Louisiana.If given the final go-ahead, the plant would be the first in the U.S. to use so-called gas-to-liquids technology. Once seen as far-fetched and futuristic, the technology has gained traction in recent years as the discovery of gas supplies has outpaced that of oil.
 Anything that increases demand for lower 48 gas helps Alaska in the long run.  18 months seems like a long time for a study, but I still look forward to approval for projects like this.

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