Friday, June 24, 2011

GTL - News worth noting

Foster Wheeler has been awarded work on a Canadian Gas To Liquids (GTL) plant (LINK). From

Foster Wheeler AG announced Wednesday that a subsidiary of its Global Engineering and Construction Group has been awarded a contract by Sasol to perform the technical portion of a feasibility study for a planned gas-to-liquids facility in Canada, on behalf of the Sasol/Talisman Energy partnership. The technical portion of the feasibility study is expected to be completed during the fourth quarter of 2011.
Recent investor updates from Chesapeake have alluded to GTL plants that will sponge up cheap North American gas for conversion to liquids. This sounds like the first credible North American GLT plant.

Before reading this announcement I would have predicted that the first GTL plants would be sited on the Gulf Coast. Citing a GTL plant in Canada makes a lot of sense too. GTL plants convert gas into hydrocarbon liquids that require further processing into fuel. That processing requires capital investment. In Canada GTL liquids could be added to thick oil sand products as a diluent, thinning the oil sand product. This product would be easy to pump. The GTL cut of the blended product would be co-processed into fuels at the refineries that receive the oil sand oil. It's a great strategy the maximizes return on capital employed.

The press release says shale gas will be used for the GTL project however gas from the Alaska Gas Pipeline and / or the Mackenzie pipeline could contribute to other GTL projects or satisfy other market demand as GTL sponges up shale gas.

Press release did not mention volumes, however I assume the plant will be sized along the lines of the other Sasol GTL plants.

GTL in Canada is good news and it's worth keeping an eye on.

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