Wednesday, November 10, 2010

State Gas Team in Flux

From the News Miner :

Parnell has released Revenue Commissioner Pat Galvin, Health
and Social Services Commissioner Bill Hogan, Natural Resources
Commissioner Tom Irwin
, Transportation Commissioner Leo von Scheben,
Administration Commissioner Annette Kreitzer and Education Commissioner Larry
LeDoux, spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said this morning.

Galvin has expressed a desire to remain with the administration,

Galvin and Irwin had front-row — and often hot — seats for ongoing debates over oil and gas development policies in Juneau. The debates produced, among other things, the 2007 Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share oil tax increase and the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act. Parnell has also said OK to the resignation of a top Irwin deputy, Marty Rutherford.

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