Friday, June 25, 2010

MIT: The Future Is A (Natural) Gas

From the Forbes blog (LINK): MIT has published an interim report titled "The Future of Natural Gas". The theme is carbon foot print theme in which shale gas comes to the rescue. The Alaska Gas Pipeline get mentioned as a future resource:

Around 15% of the U.S. resource is in Alaska; full development of this resource will require major pipeline construction to bring the gas to market in the lower 48 states (L48). Given the current abundance of L48 supplies, development of the pipeline is likely to be deferred yet again, but this gas represents an important resource for the future.
Alaska's methane hydate gas resource is mentioned:
Methane hydrates are unlikely to reach commercial viability for global markets for at least 15 to 20 years.
The report concludes
The share of natural gas in the energy mix is likely to be even larger in the near to intermediate term in response to CO2 emissions constraints.
I guess it's a given that our future energy policy will be crafted around the idea of climate change. Coal will become illegal, maybe nuclear will produce power for electric cars someday, but you can put nasty ole petroleum in your SUV or buy a combined cycle gas turbine power plant today for a lot less capital investment.

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