Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another bite at the apple

From Petroleum News:

Point Thomson case on ice: Judge grants state’s call for timeout as it appeals ruling to Alaska Supreme Court, Wesley Loy

A judge has ordered a temporary halt to the Point Thomson case pending the state’s appeal of a recent unfavorable ruling to the Alaska Supreme Court.

The one-page order from state Superior Court Judge Sharon Gleason of Anchorage, issued Feb. 11, came over the objections of ExxonMobil and other oil companies with a stake in the rich Point Thomson oil and gas field on Alaska’s eastern North Slope.

Fresh off a significant victory in Gleason’s court, the companies had opposed the State of Alaska’s request for a timeout in a case that’s not yet run its course.

Gleason granted the state’s motion to stay the Superior Court proceedings until the Supreme Court either rejects the state’s petition, or accepts and acts upon it.

(Court Case Info Link)

Enough already - Stick a fork in it - It's done!

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