Friday, April 3, 2009

Bechtel On Board with Denali

Engineering and Construction giant Bechtel has been awarded an engineering contract by The Alaska Gas Pipeline "Denali"

"I'm very pleased that Denali has been able to partner with Bechtel for this work,” said Kris Fuhr, Vice President and Mainline Project General Manager. “Bechtel has extensive experience designing and constructing major pipelines, including some of the world's longest. Their history and understanding of design and construction in Alaska and Canada will provide a solid foundation for the project. We are pleased to have them on the team.”

The mainline project includes the pipeline and associated compressor stations from Alaska's North Slope to Alberta, Canada.
This is probably the best news I've heard in a while. There are tons of hurdles to clear before we break ground on the gas line, but this announcement shows that the producers pipeline is bringing the best of best to the project. Bechtel is synonymous with Mega-Project engineering and construction.

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