Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Pipeline Prioritized

Back in November I wondered about Obama's level of support for the Alaska Gas Pipeline (link).

Also - the phrase "Prioritize the Construction of the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline" could mean placing the Alaska Gas Pipeline at the bottom of the list. What's wrong with saying "Build the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline"?
I haven't found any evidence that the "Priority" given the Alaska Gas Pipeline was a very high one. (LINK to Stimulus Bill Text)

I'm a huge fan of private enterprise. Government, including anti-industry Republicans, should keep their noses out of the way of people who create real jobs and real wealth. I'm not suggesting for a moment that the stimulus bill should have shoveled money at the gas line project. It's important to note that when Obama had a very long very expensive list of projects - the Alaska Gas Pipeline got stiffed. No loan guarantees, no funds for training the next generation of craft and engineers.

Note to self - This guy parses his words and he's no friend of the Alaska Gas Pipeline.

What's next? - Well I doubt Obama will do anything that would benefit Alaska and by association reflect well on Sarah Palin. The stimulus bill is rumored to have slashed military construction and spending on our veterans - Essentially shutting off the gusher of Federal money that Uncle Ted was so adeptly provided for years.

Note to Sarah: Good luck - Red State, three votes in Congress, possible rival in '12. Yep - you've been served.

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pdiggity said...

Being that Obama has kept the pipeline at the bottom of the priority list, can industry alone get the project done? Was it ever dependent on a handout from big brother?