Sunday, January 11, 2009

How is Your Project Going?

My new year started with the news that I can look forward to full year of overtime to meet an aggressive schedule. I may be on one of the only projects like that this year (recognizing full well that tomorrow we could all get laid off!).

Here's what I hear from others - One project has a hiring freeze, but construction is moving forward. Another buddy reports that his company has canceled all capital work for this year - Ouch.

Another project is in full scale layoff mode with folks packing their bags.

I don't want to discuss specifics, but how is your project going? - whether you work in the field or the home office I'd like to know how this slowdown is affecting you and where you see potential.

I get the feeling I'll be working on something other than the Alaska Gas Pipeline in 2010. That's a pity because the price of steel is down and labor is available. When this recession/depression ends our nation is going to need the energy.

Please comment, fill out the poll or both. Thanks!

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