Saturday, September 13, 2008

LNG Exports to Japan Challanged

Senator wants to stop Alaskan gas exports to Japan

By Tom Doggett (Reuters): A U.S. senator has asked the Energy Department to revoke a recent order authorizing energy companies to continue exporting liquefied natural gas from Alaska to Japan and other Pacific Rim markets. (LINK)
The Anti Free Market Senator is Ron Wyden of Oregon.   Read his press release HERE.

I guess according to Senator Wyden, Alaska LNG should be sold to the Peoples Republic of Oregon at a loss.

If Wyden and the people of Oregon want Alaska LNG - Step up and make a better offer. It's called the free market systems. 

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Anonymous said...

Lets see - palin has been babbling about energy independence - then sells this exculsivley to Japan?

America Last!