Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alaska Gas Pipeline - News and Views

It looks like free market economics might just produce an Alaska Gas Pipeline after all, maybe more. Here's a hand full of links from the mighty interweb:

The Voice of the Times is comparing Alaska's glam governor with Hugo Chavez. It's a good comparison, and it's been made before. Time will tell how well the anti-business, anti free market approach works.

The Denali Pipeline folks are getting down to work. Good!

Andrew Halcro is speaking beyond his blog.

Point Thomson is still in legal limbo but ExxonMobil plans to start drilling. Point Thomson is considered key to the development of the Alaska Gas Pipeline.

More information is coming forward on the TransCanada gas line proposal. Apparent $5/MMBTU is considered a good price by Governor Palin's team. That's a tough pill to swallow even for TransCanada supporters.

Wally Hickel supports the idea of exporting Alaska Gas as LNG to Asia via an All-Alaska Gas Line. That option avoids the risk of letting Canada control the project. He may not be the prettiest governor Alaska ever had, but what he says makes a lot of sense.

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