Thursday, April 10, 2008

Denali Gas Pipeline

Summary: BP and ConocoPhillip - Ready to get the pipeline built. This is a good thing because the other options had pipe but no commitment to fill it with gas.

See the Denali Pipeline webpage here.

Here's a link to the project description.

And a good article by the Fairbanks News-Miner.

Pipeline company Enbridge wants a piece of the action.

ExxonMobil confirms that they have been invited to participate.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Shell is also interested in the project.

Alaska's Governor Sarah Pallin says the AGIA process is still on course and they will make the recommendation to the legislature on May 19th. The AGIA is currently considering only one proposal - the heavily conditioned proposal of TransCanada.

It may be too early to declare the TransCanada proposal dead - but it' difficult to see how the Governor could support giving $500,000,000 in incentives to built a pipeline with a strong counterproposal by the North Slope producers on the table.


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the official website for this project is

AK Engineer said...

Thanks - I think I got it in the text and in the links